The possibility of an entrepreneur starting a business with his own savings is usually an exception. The support of known providers, relatives, or financial entities is required.

But, in one way or another, the support comes from debts that sometimes, because they are so many and varied, the payment becomes complex and difficult. Paying bills periodically take time away and the sum of the amounts payable acquires significant volumes.

Pero, cuando se da una situación de estas, queda la alternativa de consolidar deudas, mediante un instrumento financiero que permite hacer un solo pago mensual, en lugar de hacer diversos pagos mínimos en diversas cuentas y diversos lugares.

Thus, with a debt consolidation loan, the entrepreneur simplifies the monthly payments, into a single payment, with the added convenience that the monthly payment can be lower than the accumulated the dispersed accounts.

Even, depending on the period established for the repayment of the amount borrowed, the amount of the monthly payments for amortization and interest rates may be lower.

La consolidación de deudas, sin embargo, no debe entenderse solamente como una solución para salir de apuros, sino, también, como una fórmula para el replanteamiento del esquema de negocios que se ha venido aplicando.

It is important to determine the causes for which the company is accumulating debts and correct the processes, to reduce expenses or increase income.

It is, in this aspect, that the support we provide in FONDOS is vital, as we support you so that your company enters a period of stability and growth.

We grant you fast internet loans for debt consolidation or funds to increase the capital of the company, with competitive interest rates.

A financial advisor from our company will be attentive to answer you, then your needs for financing, the necessary adjustments are determined to redirect the company towards the path of success and, 24 hours after the project has been approved, the money will be deposited in your bank account.

And everything is as easy and fast as filling out and submitting the application on our website

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