It is a frequent fact that small entrepreneurs find themselves in difficult situations due to a lack of cash to deal with certain day-to-day operations.

It turns out that the business project is not generating the expected cash flow, due to various situations that must be reflected during the analysis of the financial statements that must be carried out monthly

It may be that:

  • During business planning, there will be processes that show weaknesses.
  • That the money expected from the sale of goods or services does not arrive.
  • Que la empresa no está generando las ganancias que se tenían previstas.

The company promises to be good, but due to a deficiency in cash flow generation, the business stagnates because it cannot operate in a consistent manner.

It is necessary to raise the level of liquidity and maintain a healthy cash flow, to attend to emergency situations, for which it is necessary to optimize the operation of each area of the business or industry.

But more than likely, financing will be needed to resolve the most pressing situations on the fly.

In FONDOS we provide the money to you, through a business line of credit, so you can use it when you need it.

Through this credit instrument, you extract the cash you need, when you need it, and only pay interest on what you use. You are favored by the opportunity to return the balance before the scheduled time for its settlement.

And this improves the cash flow of the company, manages the deficiencies caused by delays in the accounts receivable, takes advantage of new opportunities, and manages unexpected expenses.

We invite you to request your online money loan to improve the cash flow of the company, through an application easy, it only takes a few minutes.

In FONDOS We are inspired by the determination and hard work of the small business owners we serve. We respectfully take initiative, think outside the box, and present ideas and solutions, with no hidden agendas.

We can provide financial support to keep your business growing.

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